Minutes 27-02-12

Posted on 28th February 2012

h2. Present:

MrWilson, Cranman, TeamDoherty, zed0, MikeCobra, Goshawk, Moltenfire, James, Ruth, Dirtus, Demo, Daniel.

h2. Minutes

h3. Barcraft postmortem

-General consensus is that people only really want to watch the finals of the event at Barcraft.
-While the event at the Phantom Coach was successful, it is an inappropriate location for future events. This was due to a number of reasons such as the lack of internet connection and no separate room being available.
-The unfortunate room clash with the poker players was due to a double booking by the Phantom Coach staff, and was not an issue on our end.
-The majority of new people were attracted to the event by posters. Print more posters!
-Unclear when the next Barcraft will be; the next major event, IEM Hanover, clashes with LAN.

h3. Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament at LAN

-The time and date for the tournament was decided as 6pm on Saturday.
-Ruth will buy the prizes and an additional Gamecube and a VGA splitter will also be purchased.

h3. Starcraft tournament in term 3

-Enough interest was shown through emails for a tournament to be held.
-Groups into an elimination bracket was decided on, with the semi and finals at BFL.
-Prizes will be purchased nearer the time, clothing was a popular suggestion but sizes are obviously a problem. Ruth suggested just buying them in Adblax's size.
-Unfortunately, sound proof booths will not be constructed for the finals.

h3. Backus hardware updates and goggins replacement

-A new network card will be bought to hopefully fix Backus, or at least help diagnose the problem further.
-All services from goggins will be moved over to Estridge on Wednesday or Thursday morning at the latest.

h3. XING

-Disappointing turnout last week. The idea of talks was popular, but there are large issues fitting in anything before term ends.
-In future the departmental lectures could advertise the event to improve its popularity.

h3. Gaming keys

-One of the existing sets of keys doesn't work and new keys will be cut by Mike.

h3. Weekly Steam gaming session

-A weekly gaming session will be trialled. The first game will be Killing Floor on a Thursday night.

h3. Other issues

-Dijkstra was left out, this was simply a organizational error and better communication is needed in future.
-Ops will be restored to the new exec.