Minutes - 26th April 2013

Posted on 26th April 2013

h1. Present:

ruth, Murtag, Veltas, runite, Moltenfire, zed0

h1. Minutes:

h2. Academic

-Looking at two prog comps later on in the term.
-Internet programming competition probably week 7.
-Google funded programming competition week 8 or 9.
-Veltas mentioned possibility of arranging an academic trip (for next academic year).
-Suggestions to organise sooner rather than later, with computing museum at Bletchley Park.
*ACTION*: Veltas to ask "FIRST DAY OF TERM 1 IN AND AMONGST FRESHERS" about minibus driving course.
-Ruth can't make it to next year's Fresher's Fair.
-The more the merrier, if you can.

h2. Gaming

-Discussion had about what consoles to get.
*ACTION*: Ruth to buy opportune £60 PS3.
-May also come with more offers of PS3 games that could be good to get.
-Suggested games to look into: CoD (which one yet to be decided).
-Also decided to buy a (roughly £300) Wii U.
-Murtag made very good point that it's something to attract freshers (at Fresher's Fair) as most people do not own or know anyone that owns a Wii U.
-suggested Mario Party (9?) for Wii.
-Murtag suggested Soul Calibur V as we already play it enough.
-Need a couple more Wiimotes.
*ACTION*: buy Wii U and stuff.
-Murtag later stated he'd be buying games for Wii U.
-Zed0 reminds: need to sort out boxes / cupboards before BFL.
-Should be done with james and argha.

h3. Response to Murtag's Gaming Survey

-Overall, turns out people like games.
-Some said that they felt gaming was just "Dota & Smash Bros.".
-As for what console was preferred, survey suggested slight inclination to PS3.

h3. Upcoming LAN Party

-LAN to be held week 2's weekend.
-Murtag to run some tournies during LAN.
*ACTION*: Murtag to buy some posters to advertise this.

h3. Tournaments

-Murtag: There are to be tournaments every week, and at LANs.
-Prizes every week as an idea.
-zed0: "Give out branded compsoc stuff?"
-Full list of tournaments on #exec, to be mirrored in newsletter.

h3. iSeries / Eurogamer

-These events were mentioned at meeting.
*ACTION*: To be documented as events (or whatever) on website by Murtag.
-Compsoc group trips yet to be arranged.

h2. Socials

-Runite is planning a BBQ for week 9 weekend, start at 12pm - 7pm.
-Also planning football for end of week 6 / beginning of week 7.
*ACTION*: Runite to book field or whatever with Warwick Sport.

h2. Upcoming Official Budget Deadline

-Membership cost to remain at £3.
*ACTION*: Murtag to do gaming cupboard inventory.

h2. Miscellaneous

-No news from societies federation meeting.
*ACTION*: Veltas to write newsletter advertising this week and whole term.
-To contain tournament list.
*ACTION*: Murtag needs to get a persistent IRC connection.
-Meetings this term provisionally set for 17:30 on Mondays, starting week 3.
-Arranged conveniently before weekly pub.
-There will be no meeting next week, as would be only 3 days after this one.
*ACTION*: LAN rota to go on IRC, execs to fill-out.