Minutes 26/5/2010

Posted on 26th May 2010

h2. Present:

Mogmiester, Zed0, MrWilson, TeamDoherty, Sinjo, Connorhd, Cranman, Zaer, Odd-bloke, SigmaD

h2. Minutes:

h3. Bloomberg:

-MrWilson and SigmaD thought it went well.
-Got free rubix cubes.
-"Complete non-date I'm sure."-Zed0
-We will hear from Bloomberg in 3 days time.

h3. IBM:

-Want to meet to discuss sponsorship.
-They will come here.

h3. Speed ProgComp:

-~£200 to spend, so there will be smaller prizes than the netbook.
-There will be sweets for during the competition.
*Action*: SigmaD to finish the questions and send out an e-mail.

h3. LAN:

-Tech rota - Faux is there, solved.
-We need an Exec rota.
-Dijkstra is still set up to say "Brad's nice party".
-Signs to tell people not to turn off the room's external power would be good.
-The prize for the previous ProgComp, the netbook, is on the way for LAN
-Fyorl is doing no revision and working on the music server.

h3. Money transfers:

-Bloomberg is sending an e-mail for reimbursement for the trip to London.
*Action*: MrWilson to sort Bloomberg paying for travel.
-Cranman sent e-mail to union to pay Sinjo.
*Action*: Connorhd to be paid

h3. Accenture Sponsorship:

-We need to contact them.
-They are still sending emails to Connorhd and ignoring his e-mails to them, telling them he is no longer the academic president.
-We may need to fill out an application form.
-They started the phone interview for the sponsorship with "We're going to give you £500".

h3. Union Referendum on Society Sponsorship:

-There were contradictory results.
-The 'stance' is no money from bad people, although this isn't legally binding.
-Action: MrWilson to e-mail potential sponsors.
-"Our union is no longer has an hilariously backwards stance"-Sinjo
-"University of Gun: Nuclear society" - odd bloke
-Will sell morals for £500.

h3. Rolls Royce make nuclear power engines:

-Pretty cool

h3. Chaplaincy ball tickets:

-Odd-bloke is selling tickets.
-£25 - including food and drink.
-8pm start.
Action: Mention it in a newsletter and create an event.
-People interested should sign up to event - so Odd-bloke can see
-In support of Amnesty International and Global Care, a Coventry based charity.

h3. Other:

-"2:1, that's 60%. I can skip 40% of my exams right?"-Zed0
-"Coding is like knitting right?"-MrWilson
-"Dirtus and Fyorl suck. Agaeki too"-Zaer
-Zed0 has an exam.
-Mogmiester gave out breakaways.
-"Breakfast was either hot chocolate from Curiositea or the throat lozenge before my exam"-Zaer