Minutes 26/10/2010

Posted on 26th October 2010

h2. Present:

MrWilson, TeamDoherty, Kuros, Connorhd, Fyorl, Sinjo, Cranman, SigmaD

h2. Minutes:

h3. Academic Stuff:

-This week's talk by IBM has been moved to the 17th of November.
-Haven't had e-mail from Bloomberg confirming talks.
-We can use CS0.01/2 on Saturday for Bloomberg ProgComp.
-'I didn't say blow up their building, why would you assume that?' - TeamDoherty

h3. Accenture:

-We currently have enough money, so we shouldn't need extra sponsorship.

h3. Free stuff:

-We have been offered transparent cross-hair stickers for FPS games.
-We should reply to get free stuff, possibly for the LAN.
-'Transformice doesn't have a cross-hair' - MrWilson

h3. MCM:

-Only Dangerman signed up.
-The only reason Dangerman signed up was to beat Agaeki in the CompSoc activity listing.

h3. Misc:

-For being late, Dirtus and Agaeki have to fight to the death as a punishment.
-We will add the WGD 48h competition on the website.
-There should be a pizza order for first LAN
-'Don't minute me asking you not to minute that.'-MrWilson
-Breaking news: Paul the Psychic Octopus is dead.