Minutes 25/1/2011

Posted on 25th January 2011

h2. Present:

James, TeamDoherty, MrWilson, EvilGenius666, Connorhd, Dangerman, Sinjo, Taby, MikeCobra, Cranman, SigmaD, monk, Shai, Starspell.

h2. Minutes:

h3. Things to Buy:

-No need to buy 2 Kinects.
-We could re-implement Kinect from a webcam and an infrared LED. (Not really)
-New power reel, vacuum cleaner, cable covers.
-Do it now.

h3. Current Account:

-The current account seems to have disappeared.
*Action*: Cranman to talk to union.
-Also happened to some other societies.

h3. LAN e-mail:

-Resend e-mail from Cranman about the mess left at LAN
-There was also mess left at Gaming.
-LAN signups - Need to remind people that they should not be there if they have not signed up.
-No beds at LAN, I mean, what the fuck.
-People using other people’s things without permission is also unacceptable.

h3. Now vs Now Now:

-ETA for something that needs doing ‘now’ is a few weeks.

h3. Misc:

-Dangerman now has keys for gaming.
-WGD will borrow Gaming equipment for their console social.
-Connor found that_guy asleep in his building in the first year. He didn’t live there.
-Ruth for Tech officer.
-’Noooo, Roger.’ - MrWilson as he runs out of the room.