Minutes 25/02/15

Posted on 25th February 2015

Present: rayhaan, mcnutty, hermit, phillammon, kirby, rhiba, marmite

Next meeting: Wed 4th March, 1pm

h1. Academic

-Will met with president of warwick tech, they both want us to work together. Warwick tech have a lot of non CS stuff going on but would be good to collaborate on hackathons. BCS want outreach, so they liked warwick tech, although now we’re going to “share” affiliation with warwick tech. Meet up with them once a term to work out whats going on with BCS. Can include it in our branding! Overall looking good. In week 10, meet up with them and kick this off.
-Sent Chris (chair of socs committee) an email saying we werent happy but he hasnt replied. Maybe wait for committee to change? This only really matters until freshers, so possible waiting for committee isnt an option. Talked about freshers fair placement, decided to be really proactive about handing out flyers and asking other societies (eg game design) to display our posters. Hand out fliers in freshers accommodation again! 5000 flyers.
-Will has been talking to Michelle about her coming in to talk. Possibly contact other old compsoc people? Will will call people in to speak from tech companies? Will needs to find roger or Matt to see if we can have cs1.04 or cs1.01 or 007 for an hour a week in term one. MS rooms as backup.

h1. Gaming

-Wireless controllers are definitely needed for piazza screen. He (the contact for screen) wants console ahead of time, thats fine. Bring a 3DS so we can use it as an additional controller for smash. Its £40, this is fine. Put it in newsletter, post in facebook groups about it. Advertise at LAN and gaming.

h1. Tech

-Need to start installing OpenStack. Rayhaan is on it.

h1. Social

h1. Publicity

-Alice made business cards! She’s buying them soon, the exec likes the design.

h1. Misc

-Rockets have a weekly meetup on Wednesday, going after this meeting so we can talk about it. Talking about whats feasable, at a time we’d like etc at exam LAN! Dump video onto an SD card. Need to go through Coventry Air Traffic Control. Might be able to stream photos?
-Will talked to Roger about 3D! Wall screen in 1.01! They have an IR transmitter set up for active 3D! That would be awesome. They also have a collection of (amazing/cringey) 3D dvds. 3D movie night!
-Looking at virtual reality for Sara's research! Using the Oculus for stuff like that, paid research opportunities over holidays we could possibly advertise.

h1. Action overflow:

h1. All Exec

h1. phillammon

h1. rhiba

-spam freshers page

h1. maddy

h1. rayhaan

-migrate gallery so we can upload stuff!
-fix planet compsoc
-get trolley for LAN.
-fix anime/all mailing lists.
-fix when if you leave out the www, it redirects to uwcs. Maybe change it to 404 message

h1. marmite

h1. robot

-put cinema and meal on the website

h1. mcnutty

h1. hermit

-update society posters
-society business cards
-take promo shots of LAN (no dumb stuff happening)