Minutes - 24th October 2013

Posted on 24th October 2013

*Present*: murtug, hir142, Crumpet, mcnutty, veltas, argha~, zed0*, ruth^

h1. Academic

-Argha: Corefiling clashed with year 2 thing.
*ACTION*: Veltas to book a room plx kthxbye for zed0.
-ruth: Redgate emailed (to do a talk and sponsor a programming competition), we're waiting on that.
-Progcomp moved to wednesday (to avoid clashing with annual spooky day).

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*: Murtag to ebay a new drumkit
*ACTION*: Murtag to buy Soul Calibur V again (to replace broken one).
*ACTION*: Crumpet & Murtag to sort out new survey (probably just based on old one).
-Murtag: Will try and encourage more people to use MC server
-Looking at doing funday monday starcraft 2 stuff at LAN
-Murtag: Does trackmania server work?
-zed0: Yes.
-Murtag: Apparantly LoLsoc is going to be an actual society.
-Oli: "Adblax is a liar."
-Oli: Can we get Injustice Gods Among Us?
-We will have a re-think about general games to buy after seeing results of the survey.
-Crumpet: Aquired a copy of GTA:V through "act of God", donated to gaming.
-DOTA 2 thing from last week "going well".
-CSL is an inter-uni SC2 thing, we should register at some point.
-FIFA tournie invitation to compsoc. Wants to hold comp and take winners from each uni.
*ACTION*: Murtag to reply to email.
*SPOILER ALERT*, email turned out to be fake, see next minutes for more info probably.
-An interest was expressed in Divekick, Steam, SC2, LoL, CoD4 being on DCS machines. (HAHAHA, we'll see)

h1. Tech

-ITS complaint about security regarding animesoc mailing system.
-Argha: Will try and fix it.

h1. Socials

*ACTION*: hir142 to look up Fifth Estate film and book it.
*ACTION*: hir142 to see about arranging lazer quest week 6.
*ACTION*: hir142 to look up Extro (EuroGame Expo in Birmingham).
*ACTION*: hir142 to hunt down and despose of the other 141 hir's so I can do less typing.