Minutes - 24th January 2014

Posted on 24th January 2014

*Present*: veltas, zed0, rayhaan, hir, ruth, oli, murtag, Gazok

h1. Academic

-Put rayhaan's talk in newsletter
-Candle's talk still being organised, ruth will poke Candle

h1. Gaming

-murtag: We're going to do samurai gun tonight
-murtag: Probably doing some minecraft events at LAN
-murtag: zero space

h1. Tech

-agga: have received an email from warwick fencing soc saying their website isn't working, had some permission issues
*ACTION*: agga to fix that

h1. Socials

*ACTION*: hir to book Cosmo for exec takeover meal, for some time after the AGM
-Pop's happening next week, wednesday

h1. Misc

*ACTION*: all exec to check event page for AGM
-Will forward game making request email to WGD
-Meetings will now be at 1pm on Friday