Minutes 24/6/2010

Posted on 24th June 2010

h2. Present:

Cranman, Sinjo, Connorhd, Monk, TeamDoherty, SigmaD, Azurit

h2. Apologies:

MrWilson, Agaeki

h2. Minutes:

h3. BFL:

-There needs to be an Exec rota.
*Action*: SigmaD to create googledoc for exec rota.
-No offical pizza order at the BFL.
*Action*: Fyorl needs to speak to Roger about the trolley.
-Power for setup (Check MrWilson and Agaeki remember the power arrangement Azurit told them about last LAN.)
-Natural20's friends shouldn't be a problem but he should sign them up as proper guest accounts.
-63 people should be fine(current number), but not more than 65.
-"The space, but also the smell."-Connorhd
-People could be pushed into the Math Pond to remedy this problem.
-Rockband and Console games will be in LIB1.

h3. IBM:

-IBM are visiting on the Wednesday of BFL to discuss sponsorship.
-Organize trips, such as the ones to IBM Hursely. Maybe try to re-organise the IBM Warwick event.
-Providing speakers for talks.
-May provide freebies for the fresher's fair.
-IBM is our main sponsor; appearing on the website.

h3. Gaming Tournament:

-TeamDoherty may run a small tournament during the BFL, for people at the LAN.
-Maybe Street Fighter 4 or Team Fortress 2.
-Agaeki needs to be poked to fix TF2.

h3. MCM Expo:

-NTS from the anime society has suggested a joint trip to the MCM Expo.
-It is straightforward to create an event for this.

h3. BBQ/Picnic:

-Nothing has been heard from Dirtus.
-MrWilson suggests a picnic on the Wednesday.
-Any Sunday event can't be on campus and may also conflict with the England game.
-An event on Wednesday would be good if the weather is nice.
-The same place as last year would be good for this.

h3. Saturday activity:

-If anything was going to happen, it should have been planned at least 6 weeks ago.

h3. Room Booking for next year:

-Should get in contact with them before it opens, concerning LANs.
*Action*: SigmaD/Mogmiester to sort out transfer of room booking powers.
-Engineering tried to book LIB2 for a single hour during the BFL again.
-We should check that this was sorted out.
-If we don't get priority, negociate with who has the room. LIB2 is the only suitable room for LANs.
-Book LIB1 for LANs.

h3. Fresher's Fair:

-We should get a PVC printed banner for the society. (That can also be used at LANs.)
-Mary from the Paintball society had a similar banner created for paintball, which we should talk to her about.
-Rayfount printing have good quality.
-The banner should have Hemmed edges and Eyelets.
-We still have some flyers and posters left over from last year, in Backus' cupboard.
-The posters from last year are on Connorhd's userspace.
-We may recieve free stuff from our sponsors to give out at the fresher's fair.

h3. Academic Talks next year:

-Book a room to make talks a regular event.
-Sinjo and Connorhd have volenteered to do talks.
-Bloomberg also offered people to do talks.
-Deatils should be sorted out during summer.