Minutes - 21st November 2013

Posted on 21st November 2013

*Present*: veltas, hir142, argha, mcnutty, murtag, rayhaan, ruth

h1. Academic

-ruth: RedGate talk stuff - it went incredibly well, probably because they gave us marketing materials and the company's quite good, also on careers day
-ruth: final progcomp next week - sponsored? Yet to find out
-Bletchley park to do still
-ruth doing a talk next week
-ruth: not going to have weekly talks next term

h1. Gaming

-Big screen stuff?
-murtag: going to be maybe next week, didn't happen but should've
-veltas: should do paper names for LAN again, wasn't horrendous
*ACTION*: ruth to print off paper names
*ACTION*: all exec to sign up for LAN rota
*ACTION*: murtag to get trolley from Roger

h1. Tech

-argha: SU says there's no space for rack servers
*ACTION*: argha to talk to zed0 about space, also to ask roger about server space
*ACTION*: argha to msg passwords for mailman to murtag, veltas and hir142
*ACTION*: argha to disable certain accounts for anime mail problem
*ACTION*: argha to buy a new gigabit switch ... 3+ ports

h1. Social

-Pop went well, went well with animesoc as well
-People should sign up to secret santa
*ACTION*: veltas to mention secret santa again in the newsletter
-Should make an event for laserquest
-Should make an event for christmas meal
-argha: we should have another pop/circling at some time

h1. Miscellaneous

-veltas: will look up clothing stuff, LAN is a good place to get interest