Minutes - 21st January 2015

Posted on 21st January 2015

Present: marmite, hermit, maddy, robot, rayhaan, phillammon, veltas, mcnutty, rhiannon, zed0

Next meeting: Wed 28th January, 1pm

h1. Marmite's Musings

h1. Academic

h1. Gaming

-All exec need to fill out LAN rota

h1. Tech

-Mcnutty says website pages are crap, tech team to update, all exec can change as needed

h1. Social

h1. Publicity

-Need to advertise some of our events on the SU's top 5 list

h1. Misc

-AGM single transferable vote format will be fine, no online voting, counted by veltas
-Mcnutty and rayhaan need to do stuff for opportunity fund

h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

-write summary of position for agm

h2. veltas

-seek new sponsors
-plan programming competitions
-contact socs committe re: listing as entertainment on su website, try to attend a meeting

h2. maddy

-chat to tim about nintendo events
-talk to xbox guy about more events
-find out how to get rid of random crap

h2. rayhaan

-link steam and facebook groups on website
-opportunity fund stuff

h2. marmite

-run clothing order
-newsletter: steam working
-agm exec application email
-make agm voting forms

h2. robot

h2. mcnutty

-get gaming the server rack for storage space
-opportunity fund stuff

h2. hermit

-update society posters
-society business cards
-spam freshers facebook groups with gaming advertising