Minutes 21/5/2010

Posted on 21st May 2010

h2. Present:

Demo, Dirtus, Mogmiester, Fyorl, TeamDoherty, Cranman, Connorhd, Sinjo, Zed0, SigmaD, MrWilson, Dangerman, Sadiq, Trip, Viruk Agaeki, Sleeping Guy.

h2. Minutes:

h3. Bloomberg:

-Replied to e-mail.
-MrWilson and SigmaD are going.
-We can be reimbursed for train tickets.
-The presentation will be put on GoogleDocs.

h3. Games testing:

-TeamDoherty replied to the e-mail.
-We will be contacted, a week in advance of when they need testers.
-We should make a database of members who want to be contacted for games testing.
-Kegger knows somebody from Codemasters, who we may be able to talk to about games testing or sponsorship in the future. - 'He was apparently drunk at the time though, see how it goes.'

h3. Sleeping guy:

- We 'think' sleeping guy is alive.
-'Is he moving?' - Mogmiester
-'Why is someone asleep, is that part of the exec?' - Viruk
-'Sleeping guy is beating Viruk at exec.' -Sadiq
-'Don't wake him, we checked he was breathing.' - Sadiq

h3. Monitor purchase:

-Needs to fit in the cupboard.
-HDMI is not that important.
-We should get the monitor before LAN ideally.
-We should invest in magic rocks and solid gold cables to improve picture quality.

h3. Socials:

-Dirtus wants to do pub crawl .
-Go-karting has been decided for the Saturday before BFL.
-Pub crawl after Dirtus' exams finish.

h3. Agaeki arrives late:

-'Who is that incredibly dashing young man.' - MrWilson
-'Put your hair up, see how much of a girl Agaeki looks like.' -MrWilson

h3. Action Followup:

-Maybe SF4 at BFL, otherwise next term.
-MrWilson hasn't yet organised the digitisation of the logo for clothing.
*Action*:Connorhd to give Cranman FastHosts password
*Action*:Connorhd to have ProgComp marking done for the presentation at LAN.

h3. GoogleTalk at exec meeting:

-'Oh, we have a 3 way going'
*Action*: Everyone to buy better phones so we can have an Exec meeting in GoogleTalk.

h3. SVN Problems:

-If people have a problem, contact us.
*Action*: Fyorl to send out e-mail about SVN.

h3. Increasing Codd Quota:

-Most don't use all the space
-Maybe decrease cost/increase default amount.
-Zed0 thinks the current system is fine, everyone agrees.
-We don't want to tempt anyone to buy all of Codd.
-Not an investment that will last.

h3. Music server:

-Fyorl is making progress.
-Needs to be an Android plugin for the Music Server.
-Needs to be connected to the internet, so Paris can troll.
-Fyorl is putting up/down votes on.
-The Anime all-nighter should have these.
-5 minutes into every episode, everyone will get bored and down vote everything.
-The music server should Tweet everything; 'Songs, logins, user mouse locations...' - Connorhd

h3. Misc:

-'Mulletron should grow a bread to the floor.' -Viruk.
-We should buy cakes with the money for the speed ProgComp.
-Sinjo has lightsaber app on his phone.
-'Worst use of technology ever.'