Minutes - 20th May 2013

Posted on 20th May 2013

No Agenda
*Present*: Murtag, zed0, Veltas, "Crumpet", hir142

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*: Murtag to buy Wii Sports for Wii and Modern Warfare 3 for 360.
-Decided tournament budget was £10 per tournament at BFL, £20 for main tournament.
*ACTION*: Murtag to email list of games companies that might sponsor BFL to Veltas.
*ACTION*: Veltas to ask games companies about sponsorship for BFL, Razer and Monster as ideas too.
-Consensus on broken drum peddle was it was worth buying the slightly more expensive drum peddle as it had very good performance reviews.
*ACTION*: Murtag to buy more expensive drum peddle for Guitar Hero, roughly £40.

h1. Miscellaneous

-Veltas: Meeting took too long.
-Veltas: Traditionally meetings are driven by the agenda.
*ACTION*: Exec with things to discuss at meetings to post agenda on forums in future.