Minutes 2019-04-24

Posted on 24th April 2019

Meeting Notes Term 3 Week 1 24/06/2019

In Attendance: Sam, Ryan, David, Toby, Daniel, John

Late: Scott

Absent: Rob

Summer LAN -

  •  two months away (precisely! would ya look at that)
  • laptops to be provided.
  •     David's house
  •     12 in total
  • gaming chairs not yet confirmed
  • coordination with e-sports exec to be done via discord
  • David to supply pictures for banners
  • signups open 3 weeks from now (12 noon, 15th of May)
  • advertise on big screen
  • flyering to be organised
  • Tournaments
  •     Hearthstone
  •     Overwatch (3v3, 1v1, ect.)
  •     Random indie games (David II to host)
  •     Super Tux Kart tournament?
  • Lib1
  •     ensure exec coverage in both rooms
  • shared document to plan layout of rooms
  • communal gaming stuff -
  •     terminals set up for gaming (jack box, ect.)
  •     set up consoles too
  •     tournament contestants should have priority for laptops
  •     10-15 beanbags in lib1
  •     possibly collaborate with Tabletop?
  • music server
  •     turn down the audio in general
  •     David II's server to be used
  • record footage for advertisement

Updating info -

  • create checklist to make exec handover easier
  • Warwick SU page should be updated
  • educate Ryan on warwick.gg backends
  • add Discord tags to about exec
  • small blurb from each exec member
  • exec to have names followed by roles

DCS Storage issues -

  • fire safety officer has highlighted dangers of our current storage system
  • should remove equipment from top of storage lockers
  • currently storage space has been allocated to Warwick TECH
  • Krishna society have been using storage space without permission
  •     Both we and the DCS have tried to communicate with them over this issue, with no response.
  •     It is likely we will have to relocate their items as they are not communicating. (we will check with the DCS about this.)
  • Storage itself may be removed in the near future (keep in contact with DCS with this issue).

Purchase new monitors -

  • possibly televisions too?
  • possibly borrow from DCS

Socials -

  • avengers endgame is happening.
  •         people will be attending.
  •       they will be going by bus. probably.
  • TPP pub quiz
  •         7th of May
  •         advertise as soon as tickets are available
  •         cancel pub for that week
  • circling
  •     bar fusion no longer confirmed
  • laser tag with Tabletop
  •     date currently being decided in collaboration with Tabletop exec
  •         probably a Friday without compsci exams, definitely not week 10
  • go-karting? look into it

Gaming -

  • pick up smash ultimate DLC. \o/ <(PERSONA!)
  • equipment to be set up on demand
  • try to keep it quiet for the students studying
  • no stuff in the atrium

WASD roadmap -

  • dedicated headsets x4 to be acquired
  • new mixer required
  • RetroTINK for retro consoles
  • acquire a good CRT
  • start advertising early, already in touch with discords
  • specify deadlines for progress


  • Emails to be supplied to David for redirection of exec mail.
  • Assign gaming officers
  • Find way to auto-approve Anna Preston's Facebook posts (internships adverts)
  • Get John access to the DCS
  • E-sports to run a LAN/expo week 8
  •     may ask us for assistance, but details forthcoming

To be discussed -

  • discord reorganisation using feedback from AGM

Next term -

  • Microsoft collaboration
  • Find a stable time for weekly pub as soon as possible based on fresher's timetables


"i've got a pair of 'oobs' to give" - Ryan

"I was very anal" - David