Minutes 2019-02-28

Posted on 28th February 2019


PresentDavid I, David II, Sam, John, Toby, Ryan, Dan, Rob, Scott, Amelie


Next Term

  • Everyone has exams! We run fewer events in term 3 for this reason.
  • We are running:
    • Pubs
    • Gamings
    • BFL
  • We're also running an AI BattleBots Hackathon thing. More details to follow, still liaising with Microsoft about this.
  • We also want to run LaserTag with Tabletop next term. Scott to arrange.


  • BFL will only be 5 days. We couldn't book LIB2.


  • Banners are being done by Dan. We want to get them by the start of Term 3.
  • BFL promotion to go out around Week 3 of next term.
  • Talking to Warwick AV Services / other video production company to take video at BFL for next year.
  • Want to partner with Esports again this year.
  • Want to run Esports competitions during the event.
  • Want to run a Fireside Gathering pre-BFL in order to run one with bonuses during BFL.


  • WASD is not soon. We should start thinking about it though.
  • WASD is being run "in collaboration with" David I and Jai, the two who have taken a lead in organising it in the past but who are no longer exec.
  • Now have a WASD Discord.
  • Public landing page for next year.
  • Plan is to start asking for runners in July/August, finalise lineup in September/October.


  • Need to consider appointing Gaming officers.
  • Steam is now working! Thanks be to Rob. Good jobert, Robert.
  • Build a DRM-free game library?
  • Go-go-gadget gaming-get! Let's re-implement it soon.



  • Current exec are preparing handover documents for the new exec.

Clothing Order

  • Being sent out soon - will close last day of term and ordered over Easter.


  • Creams is tomorrow!
  • End of Term Meal is next next Friday!
  • Probably one Pop next term.


  • Reclaimeth the cupboard!
  • Laudeth the BCS Student Chapter!


David I - "He will pull out… the knife."


Old exec - Make handover packs for your successors.
Sam - Organise Exec Sheet filling in.
Sam - Get John card access.
Sam - Look into MLH.