Minutes 2019-01-28

Posted on 28th January 2019

- Present :: Everyone! On time, too! It's a Christmas miracle!


- WASD is happening this weekend!

- STILL not heard anything from Twitch about whether we get the front page slot. We're chasing this up.

- One run has pulled out of the event (four exec look guilty), and so the schedule for each day is slightly shorter. Not a bad thing, because the days were kinda long and it simplifies the audio setup a bit.

- Looking at hiring audio gear, David I is sorting this out.

- Sponsors have basically blanked us, in most cases. We're trying to find one.

- Tests from last week went well.

- We'll need Amelie's car to move stuff to and from WASD (and to make a getaway afterwards).

- Gaming is happening while WASD is (and also the Friday night).

- We do have big screen coverage for some of the weekend.

- We want the room locked both nights if we can get it.

- We have things for the raffle.


- We have quite a few coming up!

  - The Room

    - Toby will be the guardian of Gaming while we're out.

  - Real Ale

  - TPP Pub Quiz

  - Creams Week 8-ish?

    - Trampolining?

      - At the same time?

        - No.

  - End of Term Meal

    - At the Farmhouse

The LANgover

- No drunk people allowed. No alcohol at LAN.

- LAN will happen, otherwise, as normal.

- Keep mentioning it on the Discord, on Facebook, etc.

- Advertise a lot.


- We need to make a large, concerted, and conscious effort to get people who are not currently exec to run. This is how the society stays healthy.

- The AGM will be Friday Week 7, just before Gaming (6pm-8pm).

- We need to advertise FREE PIZZA and talk about how FREE the PIZZA at the FREE-PIZZA-AGM is.

- We'll announce the AGM later this week.

- We want to additionally send a couple of emails describing the roles we have to offer.

- We should make it clear that people who intend to run for an exec position should be willing to help out at LAN Week 6.

- We'll prepare a presentation, and an awards ceremony.

Society Points of Order

- We need to talk about several society issues at the AGM (so it need to be 2 hours to allow for this):

  - Should we make our membership free?

  - Should we rename our society?

    - Issues that we are also an academic society needs to also be considered when doing this.

  - How we deal with programming workshops in the future (alternatively, do we offer something different instead?).

  - Sanity-checking our schedule - do we want to maintain the historic two LANs, Gaming, Pub schedule? Or does it need an update?


- The Vive no longer fits in the box (because of the wireless adapter), so we store it externally now.

- Clothing Order. Should probably happen fairly soon. We're thinking after the AGM.


David I, exasperated: "It doesn't fit!"

David I: "You. You fuck-nose."

Ryan: "It had better have an appropriately-sized opening."


Sam - Email Alan about LIB2.