Minutes 2019-01-16

Posted on 18th January 2019

- Present :: David I, David II, Sam, Dan, Amelie, Ed

- A Little Bit Late :: Ryan

- In Bicester :: Toby

- Absent :: Rob


- Have bought many things.

- Streaming PC has been upgraded with extra PCIe slots.

- Dijkstra is dead. Long live Kernigan.

- We can't think of a name for our new computer. Can someone with a surname beginning with O please become a famous computer scientist, preferably rather soon?

- We've been sent some swag for WASD.

  - SpecialEffect have sent some really nice stuff.

  - RoG have gone a bit quiet, trying to chase that up.

- Need to check status of Twitch front page.

- DCS don't have any lighting, we're going to ask Warwick AV.

- We have some more externals running at WASD. Alex Dixon has helped with communicating with some unis to get the word out.

- Stickers should arrive next week.


- Should go ahead as planned.

- LAN is a bit quiet. We're not totally sure how to fix this.

- Need to rethink plans for next year and see how we make it more consistent.

  - The first LAN is extremely important and needs to be handled well.

- We're removing Table 3 this LAN and running the Vive instead.


- We want to do a bit more than Pub and Pop!

- Considering a "hat" theme for Week 7 Pop!

- Real Ale is going to be sorted out this term, as will the end of term meal.

- David I proposed going to Jump In, the trampolining place in Leamington.

- The Room is week 5, and we're going to see that.

  - Need to work out how we do Gaming that week.

- Going to Creams in Leamington (or similar) may also be great.



- Tasteful video / good posters and things for next year need to be made.

- Could start filming things soon so that the next Exec have material to use.

  - At Gaming, LAN, etc. Need to obtain consent as per GDPR.


- Ed is stepping down as Treasurer due to workload. We're thankful for his service and wish him well.

  - Because he has done this with under 10 weeks remaining until the handover, we do not have to (per SU regulations) run an EGM to decide who our interim treasurer.

  - In fact, we can determine this with a simple vote at an Exec meeting.

  - Amelie was proposed as interim Treasurer, and a vote was held with 7 exec present.

  - The vote passed unanimously. Amelie will be our treasurer until the handover period.


Amelie - "I don't know where Bismuth is."