Minutes 2019-01-07

Posted on 7th January 2019

- Present :: David II, Sam, Amelie, Ryan, Dan, Rob, Toby, Ed
- Late :: David I, Karkeys
- Absent :: Everyone else, obviously.


- David I working with Sam Hine to deal with sponsors etc.
- Risk Assessment forms similar to LANs.
- Get more stickers.
- Jai is in charge of overlays.

Audio and Visual Stuff
- We have many money. What do we want to spend on audiovisual stuff?
  - General consensus is we should spend quite a bit - event accessible to outsiders so we want it to look good.
  - We can hire equipment, cameras, light set, boom mics, DSLR for about £300, which is more than reasonable.
  - Some equipment that would be good to get for the future. Upgrades to Kernigan, new capture card, and so on.
    - Upgrades to Kernigan important to get more PCiE slots.
    - Looking at AMD for new mobo.
  - Looking probably to spend in the region of £1000 for the event. This is not a problem, as we also get equipment for the future, which could be very useful.
  - Renting not worth it long time, on balance worth it this year though.
- DCS may also have some lights we can use.

- Raffle prizes TBC.
- Sam Hine emailing RoG and OCUK to get them involved again. Went well last time, and RoG expressed interest in re-supporting the event.
- Consider contacting noblechairs.

Exec Elections and AGM

- We'll find out tomorrow when the Students Unon want us to hold the AGM.
- We want to gently encourage people to run for exec next year as soon as possible.
- At the moment we're looking at Week 7.
- We will provide free pizza for the AGM.


- Our sponsors want to run events. Woop.
  - LSEG want to run something as yet unspecified, nothing confirmed.
  - TPP are hosting a pub quiz on the 18th of February, will replace our pub social that week.
- LANuary is in two weeks. It is superbly named.
- Tea++ will now be on Thursdays. How exciting.
- The Room is on during Week 5.
- Real Ale social on Thursday Week 6.

Toby - "We're charging them for us to pay them money?"

- zed0: Message r/speedrun mods about sidebar.
- Sam: Organise AGM.
- Sam: Learn how to maths.
- Sam: Put up LAN rota.