Minutes 2018-11-12

Posted on 12th November 2018, Categories: Meeting Minutes

- Present :: David I, David II, Sam, Amelie, Ryan, Dan, Rob, Toby

- Late :: Ed

- Absent :: Everyone else, obviously.


- Signups are open for LAN, as of this morning.

- Set to 80 people as is, we don't really want to use two rooms unless absolutely necessary.

- We can use a lot of the tables from LIB1 if need be.

- Need to email Estates about the power again, probably sooner rather than later.


- Room is booked from 6pm Friday to 10pm Sunday! Saturday and Sunday pretty much the entire day.

- WASD is now confirmed as the 1st-3rd of February.

- We should open signups sooner rather than later.

- Would be gooooooood to list donation incentives - we need to start thinking about some of this stream-specific stuff quite soon.

Sponsors and Publicity

- Sam Hine is in the process of hunting down sponsors for the event. Currently talking to RoG.

- noblechairs and OCUΚ will probably also be involved, but if RoG want to be a headline sponsor then they should get priority.

- Publicity! Hi Dan!

  - We want to do big screen advertising, have the Street Team distribute some flyers (probably under 5000 of them), and generally advertise this pretty bigly.

  - speedrun.com and /r/speedrun are good, free, natural places to advertise.

  - We want a one-pager with a domain name and likely a Facebook page.



- Do we want other things at the event?

  - Things like our regular gaming stuff, but noise is a concern.

  - Could get sponsorships for arcade machines or something?

  - HTC Vive? Might be a good idea.

- We want the production quality to be higher than last year, including soundproofing and probably backdrops.

  - We need all sorts of fancy visuals now. How exciting. We might be able to approach Warwick RAW to help with this.

- The next few minutes consisted of a lot of people pointing at a screen, which I'm not sure how to transcribe onto the minutes. Basically talking about layout. Very productive, probably.


- For submissions we want a demo of them running the game, as a proof they at least vaguely know what they're doing and have some non-negative charisma.

  - Also want to know what times they're available to run.

- In terms of exec requried:

  - We need one person doing stream visuals.

  - One doing audio and stream interaction (donations etc).

  - One doing "community corner".

  - One doing stream interviews.

- We need to document processes for contacting security etc.


- We can have merch! Lanyards, keyrings, enamel pins, stickers (obviously). Our existing branding is awesome and we should use it.

- We probably want lanywards to staff and runners (for security purposes more than anything).

- Maybe beanies?


- Clothing order is happening, Sam is waiting on an email.

- Certs issue on hopper at the moment, David I to look into.

- 3D printer upgrades - David I had to change bits of the order for various reasons.

- Secret Santa has opened, signups close Friday.

- LSEG want to do a talk. No idea when, although we were thinking some time next week provisionally. Might be too late for that now.

- 3D printing workshop to happen later this term or early next.

- Pop! is happening. Circling in Fusion Bar beforehand.

- We need to buy a SingStar microphone.


Amelie - "Well the problem then is that we won't have a floor."

Amelie - "Hear me out. WASD condoms."

Toby - "Nobody is allowed to dive into our Scrooge McDuck money bin."