Minutes 2018-06-12 (Term 3 Week 8)

Posted on 12th June 2018

Present: David I, David II, Sam, Rob, Amelie, Ibad, Alex, Eric

Late: Charlie

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.

Summer LAN / BFL


- A lot of people want to come to BFL. More than we really had space for.

  - We seem to have 10 over capacity for certain, but it may well be more - people haven't provided exact numbers.

  - We need to consider whether we want the RoG laptops or instead use that space for those who didn't make it.

  - We probably don't quite have enough people to justify using LIB1 properly.

    - Concerns about exec numbers, will we be able to fully staff it?

    - It should be easy to adapt the seating plan to LIB1.

    - We could certainly open it up, see how it fills, and then react accordingly.

      - This will be the action we take.

  - No real room for expansion in LIB2 past what we've suggested.


- Not heard from Overclockers yet, they were going to send goodies for the raffle, but we haven't heard anything.

- How do we encourage raffle participation?

  - Currently raffle is for people who are physically at LAN, not stream viewers.

  - Should we change tihs?

    - It introduces complications RE shipping.

    - We could open up the smaller prizes to the stream, and only do the hard-to-ship items off stream.

    - We need to confirm how easy it'll be to contact possible winners (via Twitch?).

- Donation incentives for WASD.

  - Probably not the best idea, given that it would stretch the slack for the event.

- Need to find assorted apparel for prizes with the money we have (currently £55)


- Need copy for SpecialEffect, can probably purloin from their website.

- Need to find a way to fill setup time. Do we want to interview runners after their run? Sounds good.

- Make a checklist of things runners have to do before going on camera.

- Sort out Twitch guidelines.

- Need moderating schedule, we can ask for help from some of our old friends <3.


- There's a section on warwick.gg for tournaments.

- Three tournaments still need information and organising.

  - Hearthstone is to be organised by Sam.

  - Overwatch is going to be organised by GeorgeBW.

  - LoL is going to be organised by Sam Hine.

- Fortnite tournament should be happening as well, likely coinciding with WASD on Tuesday (but it won't be streamed).


- LAN rota is up!


David I - Clarify with Jai how the on-stream messages will work / how the raffle can work.

David I, David II - Run through the list of items under "WASD" that need actioning.

Jai - Sort out stream operation schedule, train the people running it.


David II/Thanos - "We should kill half of LAN attendees to restore balance"