Minutes 2018-06-05 (Term 3, Week 7)

Posted on 5th June 2018

Present: David I, David II, Sam, Esports Sam, Eric, Amelie, Alex, Charlie

Late: Toby, Ed

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.


- Need to sort out the logistics for the laptops - they take up 12 spaces and this may limit LAN attendance.

- Seeding plan is going to be more fluid this LAN - people may come only for certain days and then leave, need to be on alert to free up the empty space.

- Extra room

  - There might be a benefit to booking LIB1 as well:

    - It would be nice to have more space.

    - We could put the "public facing stuff" in one room and have a more traditional LAN-room in the other.

  - However:

    - The power infrastructure can't support all that many computers.

    - It's a lot of extra work to maintain.

    - It splits up the LAN

  - Have resolved to look into this in the future but not do it for this LAN.

  - Can also consider Butterworth Hall or a room in the Oculus, but again, this discussion is best left to next year.

- Would like a banner for outside the room to advertise the event.


- Streaming Guidelines:

  - No racism/sexism (obviously).

  - Only mention sponsors in a positive light.

  - Unless concentrating a lot on the speedrun, dialog should be constant and consistent throughout the stream. 

  - No bad mouthing anyone Warwick Esports is in association with (Twitch, NSE, NUEL, other universities).

  - Keep it light - don’t get too emotional over failing runs etc.

  - Any flame in chat should be ignored, can get someone to communicate what is in chat to runners.

  - Banter on stream is fine, light insults where everyone knows it’s a joke can’t hurt.

  - Alex/Charlie/Sam would like to see all graphics before appearing on stream.

- Moderation:

  - Need to find temporary mods during stream, will probably be fine with CompSoc exec.

  - Need to give jai the login for Nightbot.

- Need to ask whether LiveSplit can be used alongside streaming graphics.


- Need to determine exact schedule and format for tournaments.

- Need to determine which games in tournaments are to be streamed.

- Do we run a CS:GO tournament? Probably not, the schedule is already fairly full as is with four tournaments + WASD.

- Have 2-5 sponsors set up: RoG, noblechairs, and potentially Nitro, Overclockers and Playground.

RoG Bus

- We've had confirmation that there is no space at the Fringe for the bus.

- However, after talking to IT Services, they'd be happy to support it with a cable, so it is possible in the future.

  - For example, maybe on a future Open Day.


- Clothing order is a-happening.

- WASD equipment has been ordered, at which point we need to test it.

- Need to create our privacy policy.

- Waiting to hear back about sponsorship from many, many people.

- warwick.gg is a little hard to read, both because of the monospace font and the width of the central column.


Alex/Charlie - Give jai Nightbot login.

Sam - Set up LAN rota.

David I - Order a banner for BFL.

Sam - Draft a privacy policy.


David II - "Five days and then I can drink myself to death"

Amelie - "We could just paint a wall"

Davd II - "Are you just going to gasp every 30 seconds?", Amelie - "Yes"