Minutes 2018-05-24 (Term 3 Week 5)

Posted on 24th May 2018

Present: David I, David II, Sam, Amelie

Late: Ed

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.



- We need more duct tape, as per usual.

- We need controller batteries.

- Better lighting? We can talk to PhotoSoc to attempt to borrow some lights, and possibly some green screens or patterned background.

- Need to purchase attendee items as well: water, sweets, etc.


- Sadly can't do two charities, so we need to select one. David I proposed Special Effect. All agreed that this was a worthy cause.

- David I showed us the shiny trophy prototypes. They look really cool. McNutty looks great when curvaceous.

  - Will order more filament for WASD trophies, it should arrive shortly.

  - We are not going to buy a massive furnace for the authentic bronze experience, we'll settle for copper instead.

- We have a provisional schedule, but it needs revising slightly due to late entries.

- We need a logo!

  - Fairly urgent at this point.

  - Have looked over some artists on fiverr, we compared them during the meeting and selected a good one that seems to specialise in iconography.

- Need to resolve the situation with USB microphones. David I may be able to obtain some, else we can obtain some from Amazon. Should sort in the next week or two.


- Should we change the name? On the one hand it's a bit traditional, but it's also awkward to put on posters and explain to people. We have received opinions that the name should change, and others that it should not.

  - A replacement name is actually somewhat hard to come up with. It needs to contain the word "LAN", and sound slightly grand.

    - The suggestions of "LAN's End" and "LANstravaganza" were summarily rejected.

  - "Summer LAN" seems to be preferred currently amongst the exec.


- Need to schedule the tournaments at "BFL". We have Hearthstone, Overwatch, League of Legends, Random Games.

- Hearthstone and Overwatch can be done in 2-3 hours each, League will provisionally take 4 hours, Random Games will take most of a day.

- Provisionally, we are arranging the tournaments as follows:

  - Wednesday: Random Indie Games

  - Thursday: Hearthstone early afternoon, Overwatch evening

  - Friday: League of Legends early afternoon

Laptops and Chairs

- We have 15 chairs coming!

  - 2 for WASD runners

  - 1 for the winner of our raffle

  - 12 for drop-in games / tournament participation

- Laptops are paired with the 12 chairs, they're to be used for people who want to drop in and play games, or people that want to participate in tournaments. People will be removed from them after a reasonable amount of time, if needed by someone else or for a tournament.

Gaming Officer Applications

- We've had two gaming officer applications. Ibad and Toby. Both of them are a good fit and we'd love to welcome them as part of the team! Congrats guys!

LAN Rota

- We need to do this soon. *Esports will be expected to help, as will our new gaming officers.


- DeutscheBank have expressed potential interest in sponsoring us next year.

- TPP have also expressed interest.

- BlackRock have not been proactive about renewing sponsorship, we should follow this up with them.


- We won't have a bus for "BFL", sadly.


David I - Order logo

Sam - Sort out clothing order


"Bacon, Lettuce and Pomato" - Sam