Minutes 2018-05-08 (Term 3 Week 3)

Posted on 8th May 2018

Present: David I, Sam, David II, Amelie

Late: Rob, Ed

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.

TPP Pub Quiz

- Happening this Friday.

- We have The Graduate from 6pm, should arrive at about 6:30pm to get things in order. Unsure when David I is meeting the TPP representative.

- Prospective attendance around 30 based on Facebook event, hoping for slightly more.


- Signups should close soon, need to define a hard deadline.

- We've been asked for a WASD schedule, which is a little early. We want to give people at least three weeks of notice, but it isn't ready yet. Can sort this out one Gaming (when Jai is around).

- Jai has proposed a new WASD equipment setup, costing in the range of £120. This comprises audio mixers and cables primarily. We have plenty of money to support this, and should be happy to sign off on it.

- The society currently only owns USB microphones, need to check how this can work with the proposed setup, maybe buy adaptors.

- We need a logo for WASD - at this stage, it may be worth contracting the design of that work to someone on fiverr.

  - We'd need to provide a rough colour scheme and idea.

- Jai has been working on a set of overlays using nodecg, he's doing great and we appreciate it.

- Thinking of giving every WASD participant something from the Discord swag bag, or similar.

BFL Tournaments

- Already being asked for a schedule, again. We'll work this out alongside WASD.

- In terms of prizes, Sam Hine is reaching out to people (update: he popped by, and confirmed that they haven't heard back from Overclockers yet), and we have the ROG headset.

  - We can also use some of our Discord and Twitch swag.

  - Also may be worth setting aside some society money to get some good prizes.

  - Need about 6 prizes for Overwatch, 3 (1st-3rd) for Hearthstone, and some number for the Random Indie Game tournament.

  - Random Indie Games prizes to be arranged.

    - Need to 3D-print a trophy.

    - A £15 Steam voucher for 1st place in Random Indie Games seems appropriate.

  - Hearthstone prizes could be 3D-printed cards.

    - Blizzard also do Hearthstone merch.

  - Overwatch prizes could be pop figures, but we can look into this further.

- Hearthstone logistics need to be organised, that's to be arranged at a future meeting with eSports present.

Gaming Officers

- No formal applications, will defer this discussion to a future exec meeting.


- itshappening.gif

- Landing page complete!

- David I is working on a login system.

  - We're now an OAuth provider!

- Need to build many things, including event system, ticketing, etc.

- eSports have kindly provided an API key to their membership lists.

- Plan is to use this for organising most LAN things in the future, and it's all rather exciting.

- We'd like to launch this in Week 5-6.


- We need to establish consent for keeping the data of our old members. Next email this needs to be made extremely clear.


- Gaming is a little dead nowadays, and we want to change that.

  - Rock Band was always a massive pull, and we should have it in the Atrium at the beginning of next year.

  - We need to push for a higher attendance, but how much of this can happen before next year is frankly questionable.

  - We really need to make things "just work" on our systems, revival of gaming-get, using Lutris, and making games easy to run and use.

    - Overwatch is a bit of a lost cause for a while; we need a new version of RedHat.

  - Also can set up our own Wifi.

  - Maybe get another console.

- Our advertising is a little CS-focused, and this may be limiting our audience.

- Need to look at using the big screen, and developing material for it.

- Utilise the SU street team to distribute our flyers. It costs £50, but that's more than affordable.

- Advertising for BFL needs to happen around the same time that signups open.


David II - Put hard deadline on WASD signups (next Wednesday, 12pm).

David I - Ask Jai about USB mics vs jack mics.

Sam - Play excessive amounts of Hearthstone.

Sam - Place GDPR notice in large letters on the next email.

David I - Make SU big screen images, send to Sam.

Sam - Organise street team advertising.

David II - Develop list of Indie Games for the tournament.


David I - "That's off the record"