Minutes 2018-04-24 (Term 3 Week 1)

Posted on 24th April 2018

Present UWCS Exec: David I, David II, Sam, Amelie, Karkeys, Ed, Rob

Present eSports Exec: Sam, Charlie, Alex

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.


- Who can attend?

  - David I and Sam (eSports president) have agreed that as long as someone is a member of either eSports or UWCS then they can attend.


- People have been complaining about paying the £22 SocsFed fee in order to join the society just for BFL.

  - We may organise event tickets for BFL for those who are not members of the society, although we do not know the SU's stance on us doing this.

  - This system may be used for LANs next year.


- Do we want a ROG bus on campus for a day during BFL?

  - Why?

    - Why not?

  - Where would we put it?

    - Piazza seems like a good spot, can probably use the part used by the Food Market.

  - When would we have it?

    - Wednesday is the non-WASD day, so that would probably be best.


- Some people try to "pro" LANs, supplying some amenities as a society may be worthwhile.

  - Things like bottled water, possibly some snacks, could be provided for members during BFL.

  - Need to check that we can reasonably afford this.


- NUEL have provided a £100 ROG headset for us to raffle.

  - They have also provided 12 laptops for use in competition etc.

    - We'll probably attempt to run signups like we would for VR stuff.

    - Obviously we don't want someone using it for all 5 days, but we shouldn't need to worry about that.

  - All they'd like in return are photographs for promotion purposes.

- Overclockers have been contacted regarding sponsorship, but we haven't heard back yet.


- Planning to use ~warwick.gg~ as our website signups won't work with the eSports people.

  - Still very much in development.

Streaming and WASD

- eSports don't have a streaming rig, but they do have a lot of assets that they've used in the past.

- We have Kernigan, our VR and streaming PC that we've used for WASD successfully in the past.

- David I will end up sorting out a lot of the actual streaming setup, using OBS and the open-sourced GDQ software.

- If WASD is to be on the front page of Twitch, then we need entertaining runs.

  - Fortunately, we're not competing for the speedrunning viewership during WASD *cough* GDQ *cough*.

  - Ideally have no more than 5 seconds of dead air from the commentators, need to find suitable people.

  - WASD signups need to have and end date at some point.


- LoL and Overwatch tournaments will be happening.

- CS:GO and Hearthstone tournaments may be happening.


- CompSoc have been sent Discord swag which we can hand out as tournament prizes or raffle away at BFL, includes about 15 T-Shirts, badges, etc.

- eSports have Twitch jerseys and bags to give away as well.

- We'll 3D-print trophies for tournaments.

Gaming and Hardware

- We're closing at 12AM this week, because exec have exams the next day. This has gone in the newsletter.

- We have new switches and wirless hardware.

- Neumann, our Dijkstra replacement, should be good to go, need to test it.

- Will want to run a mock LAN setup at some point, probably at a Gaming.

- Gaming officers - we need some.

  - Probably will advertise in ~#announcements~.

  - Will review 2 weeks from now.

TPP Pub Quiz

- Now looking at Friday 11th May (Week 3) in the Graduate, before Gaming.

- Don't know about prizes yet, but possibly Raspberry Pis and hampers of some sort.

3D Printer Talk

- We can put this off until next term, when interest is likely to be higher.

Welcome Week

- Want to run Linux 101 talk on the 25th of September (during Week 0) next term, and roll into Gaming.


- Not organising the Science execs social at the beginning of next year.

- Will likely run Laser Tag as per usual.

  - May also want to do go karting or trampolining.

- We want a BFL pub.

- End of term meal probably on Friday week 9.

- May reconsider circling.


David I - Email security regarding massive bus.

David I - Check with the SU regarding event tickets for LANs.

Amelie - Ask how WSC do ticketing.

Sam (eSports) - Find out how many people play CS:GO and other games for tourney viability.

David II - Try to find Steam password, check with Brandon.


David II - "That part's not going in the minutes, Sam."

David I - "Don't put that in the minutes."