Minutes 2018-01-30 (Term 2, Week 4)

Posted on 30th January 2018

Present: David I, Adam, Sam, Callum, Rob

Late: David II, Amelie, Elliot, Ed

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.


- Table 1 extended without permission. This shouldn't happen in future, and we should be a little more vigilant.

- Seating plan is under construction, and hopefully will be ready by next LAN, but it may not be.

- People are increasingly relying on CompSoc ethernet cables and failing to bring their own. We should reduce the number we bring so that this no longer happens, and make sure we keep track of who has them.

- Speaking of cables, we need to look into replacing some of our Ethernet cables, as they are getting a bit kinked and ropey. Also need ot buy a new switch for table 4.

- We liked the wiring of the Ethernet through the roof, and will continue this in future. Fewer things to run over with chairs!

- Dijkstra needs updating, as it hasn't been for a while. youtube-dl as well as other things. Should also buy a (however bad) GPU with HDMI output.

AGM & Handover

- Election of Gaming Officers is not preferble to appointing them, as they report to the exec rather than the society as a whole.

- Sam needs to remind people to join the society before Friday, and get a list of names on Friday for the AGM in two weeks.

- Handover packs should be provided by the old exec by the end of this term for the new exec to learn their roles.


- HTC Vive controller needs fixing (the button is jammed). Seems to be a common fault, which we do not own the tools to fix. Well, we didn't, but David I bought some. Should fix once the tools arrive (probably tomorrow).

- Should update servers for Meltdown.

- Running out of space of Kernigan. Let's get a HDD.

- Need a "fixing stuff" session next week.

  - Get Overwatch working next week hopefully! Lutris candidates are good enough now.

- Need to schedule server downtime and let the society know, for server upgrades.


- Look into getting Dragon Ball Fighter Z for our XBox One X (£43.99 from GAME).

- Bowling is cancelled.

- EOT Meal at Farmhouse as per usual, Week 10 Friday.

- Warwick TECH are annoying us on our Facebook page, we need to ask them to stop.


David I - Buy Ethernet cables and new switch.

Sam - Do AGM admin (reminding people to join, taking list of members).

Everyone - Make handover packs for new exec.

David I - Buy HDD for Kernigan.

Sam - Put up a doodle for fixing compsoc stuff session next week.

Rob, David I, Sam - Decide on server downtime and alert the society through comms channels.

Sam - Mention Gaming and Programming is cancelled this week through comms.

Elliot - Find the drums.

Adam - Organise and book EOT meal.


David I - "IUuughuugughugmmmmmm maybe."

David II - "My head is not that big!"

David I - "No comment."

Sam - "What we are calling radiators."

Amelie - "I'm not social sec...yet."