Minutes 2018-01-10 (Term 2, Week 1)

Posted on 11th January 2018

Present: Callum, Sam, David I, Rob, Elliot, David II, Amelie

Late: Ed, Adam

Absent: Nobody. Somebody buy a lottery ticket.


- People have been asking about a possible clothing order.

- We still have our GamersApparel shop, but we've run into some issues in the past, such as late delivery, the purple pre-order editions, and so on.

- In correspondance with Akuma about setting up a merch store for sublimated T-Shirts, Polos, and Hoodies.

HTC Vive

- New Vive announcements over the last week:

  - We would definitely like a wireless adapter.

  - Will discuss whether to get the Vive Pro when pricing has been announced.


- Happens this term.

- Want to do it week 6 Friday, just before gaming.

- Room has been booked - OC0.05 from 6-8pm on Friday 16th February (Week 6).

- Roles:

  - President (Academic President)

  - Vice-President (Gaming President

  - Treasurer

  - Secretary

  - Tech Officer

  - Social Secretary

  - Welfare Officer

  - Equal Ops Officer

  - Health and Safety Secretary

  - Gamming Officers (x1-3)

Nintendo Switch

- No.

Gaming on the Piazza

- Do we want to run one? Probably not this term, maybe next term.


- Do we have everything? Apart from duct tape, yes.

- Tournaments: have contingencies to account for the numbers that might take part. Wii Sports has been suggested.

- David I and Jai to sort out WASD.


- Week 5 POP probably.

- Non-drinking socials at some point, possibly trampoling, bowling, or similar.

Handover Timeline

- Handover happens over Easter, as always. Communicate with your new exec person and tell them what to do, hand over resources.

VR Games

- Do we get more? Probably. Ask society about which ones we should get.

Headphones for Vive

- Do we have any? No, not really. So we should probably buy some.


David I - Fix the email system.

Adam - Ask #gaming about VR games.

Adam - Organise socials formally.


David I - "We have enough Dettol wipes to remove 99.9% of bacteria on the planet."