Minutes 2017-11-23 (Term 1 Week 8)

Posted on 23rd November 2017

Present: David I, David II, Sam, Rob, Adam, Callum, Amelie, Elliot

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously. Unfortunately including Ed, who gave apologies.

Guests: Cyberia, James, Toby, Dan, Luke


- We need a rigid and enforceable set of rules for our Discord, unfortunately. These rules will be discretionary, and ultimately up to the exec as to enforcement and level of enforcement. The exec's words are final in the enforcement of the rules.

- Look into making a report channel where everyone can post but nobody can see.

- What permissions should ex-exec have? Kicking is probably a good idea, banning probably not. Also they should have muting.

- The rules are as follows:

  This Discord is intended as a welcoming environment for everyone in the society, and those interested in the society. As such, we ask that you abide by the following rules:

  1. Please do not spam the Discord, or shitpost excessively. This includes "ping-spamming" - excessively tagging other users without their consent. Please only tag groups of users (@Exec) when it's necessary.

  2. Please do not post derogatory or defamatory remarks that are racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic.

  3. Please do not post NSFW/NSFL content.

  4. Our Discord is not a marketplace. Please refrain from unsolicited advertisement, and please do not attempt to sell things in our Discord.

  5. Please do not post direct links to pirated content, or anything illegal within a reasonable interpretation of UK law. Please do not dox users.

  6. Please make a reasonable effort to keep discussion relevant to the channel that it is taking place in.

  The enforcement of these rules is entirely at the discretion of the exec team, and their decision is final. If an exec asks you to stop doing something, please do.

XBox One X

- Looking to buy it this week.

- Amazon black Friday deals may be a good opportunity.

- Buy CoD/FIFA/Gears of War for it.

- David I to probably buy with own money and money request from the society for it.

LAN Preparation

- Need mroe duct tape, so we should buy some.

- Broken switch not been tested since last LAN, need to find it and test it at LAN. Probably needs replacing.

3D Printer

- Currently have not got the necessary nozzles for the 3D printer for trophy printing.

- Will purchase and set up over Christmas.

- Probably won't get it out for LAN then we'll see.


- Skool Dayz is being scrapped this weekend, was probably a bit optimistic in the first place.

- POP is being moved to the Terrace Bar instead of internal circling, starts at 7pm.

- Crash is still happening so far, 8pm start at Terrace Bar for circling.

- Rate of drinking socials was far too high this term. We probably want 3 drinking socials in the entirety of next term.

Charity Event

- Week 9 Friday (so Gaming is cancelled).

- We are running a charity gaming event with Warwick Kickstart all Friday night in LIB2.

- We're bringing our Vive and so is Game Design (we think).

- The event will have streaming, tournaments, and more.

- Need to purchase webcams for the event, as well as a studio mic.

- May buy 2TB HDD for Kernighan

- Proceeds to be split between EFF and a charity of Kickstart's choosing.

- Food will be provided by Kickstart.

- Should probably provide some sort of cleaning stuff.

New Software

- Need to redo email system to include templating.

- We want a seating plan implementation, probably will put in on warwick.gg


David I - Look into buying a projector.

David I - Spread material for charity social

Sam - Look into a report channel.

Sam - Make an #anime channel

David I - Ask Ben to marry up #anime to irc.


David I - "We could annoy AnimeSoc but who cares" *glances at AnimeSoc*