Minutes 2017-11-09 (Term 1 Week 6)

Posted on 9th November 2017

Present: Sam, Callum, David I

Late: David II, Amelie, Elliot, Ed

Very late: Adam

Very late + a little bit: Rob

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.


- Skool Dayz: need to sort this out around LAN rota.

- Policy on drunkenness at LAN: at the discretion of the exec, but being "tipsy" is probably fine, but if someone is acting very drunk and/r poses a danger, evict them from the event.

- May cancel one of the three drinking socials in coming weeks.


- XBox One X: look into buying this.

- Money is now available.

- Will buy a UPS in coming weeks, use this opportunity to update the servers.

- Also thinking of getting some webcams for streaming at LAN.

Mail system

- We're being rate limited by our new provider, David I looking into reverting the changes.

- Long term we might get some nice styling templates.


- Will make a #announcements on the discord server for a real-time version of the newsletter.

- LAN tournament signups (best done at LAN).

- Trophies: looking at printing metal trophies for eveents at LAN. Not yet going for "busts of McNutty's face".


Amelie - Watch Robot Wars

David I - Revert email system

Sam - Send promo email

Sam - Sort out discord channel

Adam - Sort out transport for bowling


Callum - "If they die in a healthy and safe way, you're fine."

David II - "I want to redact my punch. Sorry, Rob."

Adam - "I'll wipe it from my memory by drinking, or something."