Minutes 2017-11-02 (Term 1 Week 5)

Posted on 2nd November 2017

Present: Sam, David I, Callum, Adam, Elliot, David II, Amelie

Late: Ed

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.

Sponsorship Money

- We have money from one sponsor but not both yet.

- The SU system is bad.

- Look into buying games consoles with the funds.

- Also a UPS

Charity Event

- Warwick Kickstart have approached us wanting to run a charity gaming event.

- Would be nice generally to host more charity events.

- Will discuss further with them in due course, want to nominate our own charity (EFF, Extra Life).

- Looking like end of week 9, or roughly then.


- Not amazing turnout for BBC talk, but to be expected due to time of day.

- Another talk later on in the term about compilers.


- Equal Ops can be given to Ed if he'd like it (not present) - he fills a similar role already.

- Gaming Officer - this is more difficult to find, most people who stay all the time are already exec. We asked Amelie, who said yes.

LAN Names

- From an excellent shortlist of names, we have selected:

  - LANa del Rey

  - Weird Al LANkovic

  - LANic at the Disco


- Pub needs time revising and lower numbers till end of term.

- Secret Santa

  - To be held at the end of term meal.

  - Give hints on the signup sheet as to what you like. Also list allergies.

  - Signups open from e.o. week 5 for a week, pairings announced week after.

  - Price limit £20.

  - We trust people not to be risqué.

- End of Term Meal

  - Week 10 Wednesday at the Farmhouse, as normal.

- Drinking Socials

  - Skool Dayz is on Week 8 Saturday - LAN clash...

  - Crash is on Week 9 Saturday - potentially Charity Event clash...

  - Pop is on Week 9 Wednesday - Archery end of term meal clash...


Sam - Buy a gavel

Sam - Update exec sheet, send to SU

Sam - Phone the phoach to reorganise

Adam - Book end of term meal

Adam - Organise Secret Santa


David I - "segue.....segue..segue........segue"

David I - "I was screaming - 'WHY IS ADAM ON THE FRIDGE WITH A BAD SHOULDER?'"

Sam - "Who says bowling has to be non-alcoholic?"