Minutes 2017-06-20 (Term 3 Week 9)

Posted on 20th June 2017

Present: David I, David II, Brandon, Sam, Rob, Ed, Bonus Rhiba

Late: Elliot, Luke

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.

3D Printer

- Has been ordered!

- Need to work out policy for use (for next year), current plan is to let people print small things for free and charge a proportion of plastic for larger things.


- Finishing at 2am this week, because of open day.


- Overwatch Tournament running Thursday starting 3pm.

- WASD Starting at 6pm til' late Tuesday and Wednesday.

- Mysery Games Starting at 6pm Monday.

- Enforce membership for BFL.


- Sort out GaGaG money

- Got money from DB!


Elliot - Order replacement Rock Band drum kit


"We should make him buy a prime amount of duct tape" - Rob

"Jai's turned it into a bar graph" - David I

"It looks like space" - Rhiba