Minutes 2017-05-30 (Term 3 Week 6)

Posted on 30th May 2017

Present: Ed, Sam, David II, Brandon, Callum, Luke

Late: David I

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.


  - Should be done this Friday

  - Send out newsflash email


  - Event Prizes

    - To be sorted out nearer the time, when we know numbers

  - Remind Estates to turn on the air con


  - Go karting / Jump In on Thursday / Friday Week 9

  - Go Karting requires minibus drivers, which we do not have


  - At some point, take an inventory


Sam - next week's email, put Warwick League LAN Friday week 9 in

David II - Photoshop a jam beret onto the vaporwave head

Sam - Need to book a table for freshers fair


Sam - "That is not how quotes work"

David II - "Do not quote me on that"

David II - His idiocy is in the annals of history"