Minutes 2017-05-23 (Term 3 Week 5)

Posted on 23rd May 2017

Present: Sam, Elliot, Brandon, Callum, Rob, David II, Jai, Ed

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously. Notably our Dear Leader, David I

BFL Events

  - WASD

    - Tue/Wed from 6pm onwards

    - Signups are open! (Link to be sent next week in email, already posted to Discord)

    - Streaming done by Jai

  - Mystery Games (Working Title)

    - Thursday all day

    - Streaming done by Jai

  - Overwatch Tournament

    - Details TBC, David to organise

  - Music Server Jamboree (Working Title)

    - When other things are not happening

  - BFL Pub

    - Maybe do BFL pub in Farmhouse?


  - Submitted last week

  - About to get sponsorship money from Deutsche Bank / GaGaG

  - Applied for Tom Scott Grant of £2k


  - Ending at 2am this week probably. No need to inform people.


  - Got rejected from partnership :/

  - Might want to apply by next year, would be good for incoming freshers


  - Look into reviving gaming-get (Jai, Rob, and David II expressed an interest in this)

    - Only to be used with the compsoc user for gaming sessions, not as all-encompassing as it used to be

  - Clean out compsoc directory at some point


Sam - Put WASD signup in email

Sam - Put BFL signups in email

Sam - Think of bad pun for Mystery Games and gaming-get-v2.0

Sam - Lan rota

Sam - Update exec page

Brandon - Contact Nigel (TAGAROPLE) asking about Laser Tag

Brandon - Set up UWCS YouTube channel


Sam - "There is no f***ing in BFL"

David II - *Random Background Noise*

Jai - "NO"