Minutes 2017-05-04 (Term 3 Week 2)

Posted on 4th May 2017

Present: Sam, Brandon, Rob, David II, Adam, David I

Late: kirby, Jai, Elliot, Ed

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.


  - Little that we can actually get, usually for one off activities that are enriching for all members of the society.

  - Funding a speaker would be difficult, as funds are limited and competed for.

  - Rhiba is talking to DB tomorrow about money.


  - Moving forward, paid them initial setup fee.

  - Getting: T-Shirt, Polo, Hoodie, Jersey.

  - Not paying for shop maintenance, not worth it.

  - Should be done by Week 5-ish, will discuss further at next exec meeting and include all necessary info in e-mail.

Google I/O

  - Booked a screening of Google I/O. We have OC0.01, event in Week 4. Send information in e-mail over the next two weeks.

Note: No exec meeting next week


David - Create sponsorship pack for next year


Adam - "We should pint more money"