Minutes 2017-04-27 (Term 3 Week 1)

Posted on 28th April 2017, Categories: Meeting Minutes

Present: David * 2, Brandon, Rob, Adam, Elliot, Sam, Callum

Absent: Everyone else


  - Signups Open!

  - Need to put up LAN Rota (later in term)

  - Events at BFL

    - WASD

    - Mystery Games? Brandon to sort this out.

    - Overwatch Tournament

      - Last year was very successful, hoping to repeat that this year. Might run a 3v3 Skirmish tournament instead of the usual 6v6 depending on interest.

   - Prizes for Events. WASD probably shouldn't have prizes.

Go Karting / Jump In Social

  - Strawpoll on discord to decide which nearer the time.

  - Possibly run the one that wasn't picked next term.

Grant application

  - External Speaker (Maybe Tom Scott o_O)

  - Buy a Nintendo Switch for Gaming

eSports apparel

  - David still in contact with GamerApparel

  - Production time about 3 weeks

  - Store page lasts for a year

  - Might possibly get some exec gear (not using society funds)


  - Advertising using the virtual screens?

    - Not really worth it for events like BFL, general society advertising may be good, especially next year.

  - Replace vertical banner

  - Look into sponsorship for next year *through the SU this time*

  - Noticeboard outside gaming room might be useful for society notices, esp. wrt gaming?

    - Look into using the screen

  - Plans for next year wrt DCS building work

    - Ask about gaming room (will probably have to move again)

    - Servers may need to be moved as well

  - Satisfaction Survey?

    - Might be useful to gauge interest in various things for next year

  - Hackathons next year?

    - Requires a lot of time

    - Warwick Hack (sadly) exists


- Elliot: Look into applying for a grant

- Sam: Write society e-mail

- Sam: Update exec page

- Anyone: Write sign on gaming door tomorrow (Gaming starts at 10pm)

- David I: Get sponsorship money

- David I: Check wether exec email is set up

- David I: Add Rob to sudoers


Brandon - "It was too meme"

David II - "WASD is a thing of pride"

Sam - "Didn't our other one break?", David I - "Yes. That was me."

David I - "Rob. Make a chaff cannon."

Elliot - "Can they build a building that quickly?"