Minutes 2017-03-14 (Term 2 Week 10)

Posted on 24th March 2017

kirby's minutes:

Present: sam, kirby, king david the 1st, rob, callum, adam, ed, elliot,

  brandon (really far too late)

* David the 2nd might be at webdev marking

* "I haven't slept, but I had a good time" - Adam on CS degrees in general

* Coursework kills, stay informed kids.

* Need to finalise handover dates. Thinking week one term 3?

* Old people vs. new people exchange handover dates among themselves.

* 1st years will have exams though, though they're done at the end of the week.

* Lovelace should be fixed over the Easter break.

* Unsure what to do with society accounts, current website does not support.

* Any new requests for data, there is an article on the website describing the


* Socials - David the 1st wants to run a few more socials so we don't become

  "socially inept". Possible ideas include go karting and trampolining. Restart

  Compsoc bowling?

* Pubs will continue as well.

* Start of term meal to replace end of term meal for this term. We'll likely

  book two weeks before.

* Possibility of some kind of basic not-quite revision lecture for data

  structures or something? To run something academic.

* Next year workshops on user interface and user experience design.

* Gaming will have one TV.

* Move exec chat to Discord? Discord keeps the chat open unlike Facebook. Could

  time it with handover in week 1 term 3.

* Sam does not have edit permissions on the website, please fix.

* Find accounts password file.

* "Apart from emotes I've got nothing" - Callum

* Bring back the thread of running exec meetings in Jai's room.

* dcs-get and gaming-get is fully dead and coming back.

* Need to look into the NUEL rep back.

* "I'm sure they'd love Super Slime Soccer 2" - Adam on League and Dota Soc.

* "#cs on the Discord is not a Counter Strike channel!"

* "Make Esports Great Again" - David the 1st on ESports in Compsoc.

Sam's minutes:

Present: kirby, Sam, Callum, David (el Presidente), Rob, Adam

Late: Ed, Elliot

So two thousand and late: Brandon

Absent: Everyone else. Obviously.

- Handover dates:

  - Get handover done by end of week 1, term 3.

  - New exec should talk to the old exec and get handover tips etc.

- Lovelace should be fixed over easter, for real this time. If people request data follow the protocol (article on website).

- We are apparently socialable people, who knew? Plan for next term:

  - Go karting

  - Trampolining

  - Start of term meal at Farmhouse

  - Pub will endure

- BFL next term! No exam LAN :/

- Might organise a DIS revision talk next term to help the first years.

- Liam Steadmnan wants to run a UI/UX workshop because of the bad Software Engineering *looks around nervously*, continuing to arrange this.

- dcs-get is dead. This is not a bad thing necessarily, easy to work around it for gaming. We can survive without vvvvvv.

- CompSoc have gained the "Diplomatic Insult" Casus Belli on LeagueSoc. Wargoal: Reclaim NUEL rep.



- Anyone: Make an exec discord channel.

- David: Give Sam edit permissions.

- David: Find accounts password file, it exists somewhere. Probably.


Adam - "I haven't slept, but I had a good time"

Callum - "Apart from emotes I've got nothing"

David - "Make eSports great again"

kirby - "I'm still thinking a hostile takeover is better"