Minutes 2016-11-10 (Term 1 Week 6)

Posted on 17th November 2016

Present: rhiba, tanski, dixon, kirby, Sam, Veltas, jai (late!), Zoggoth (late!)

* Alex is going to find out how to use the SU to invoice sponsorship companies. Preferably by next meeting.

* Jai not here for gaming. Possibly no Vive as it needs his computer.

* Next email should have LAN signups. Currently there aren't any. rhiba: Add signups.

* Seating plan will be Excel this time, but a new one will be made one day.

* Alex offers to write a frontend if an API is provided.

* Hot topic of debate - do we hardcode the seating plan or not? What if we don't use LIB2? But when does that ever happen?

* We've told Dota that we are deprecating dcs-get over Christmas. "Just turn it off". rhiba is looking into a solution with Joe, Veltas could assist also.

* Super hot fire topic: Do we get rid of dcs-get for everyone except gaming? Or keep it open for free use with a logout script?
    * Symlink from home directory to /var/tmp as a potential solution?
    * stow is a good and easy solution, but dependency management.
    * Probably other stuff, I (kirby) don't actually know enough about dcs-get to write about these suggestions well enough. Ask rhiba / david.
    * Roger is fine with David's solution.

* Cisco is a bit on the quiet side. Daphne (the ambassador) is in constant contact.

* David's idea - after Christmas, we try flyering again. We have run out flyers and posters.

* Big screen: They got back a week and a half later (last Thursday). Keep asking for two weeks in advance. As LAN starts at 8pm, that week is fine also. Start it at 5pm.

* rhiba: Send angry email about LAN room.