Minutes 2016-10-13 (Term 1 Week 2)

Posted on 14th October 2016

Present: rhiba, tankski, Zoggoth, kirby, Phillammon, Sam, dixon (late)

  • Big screen (but Jai isn't here). Jai please report back to rhiba on the status. Probably have to be week 3 or 5.
  • Cisco event. Rhiba spoke to the brand ambassador for Cisco today, she's very nice. Arranged a talk for Week 6, maybe 7 or 8, on Wednesday. Hoping for six because we need a talk for then.
  • Programming competition also provided by Cisco, as well as prizes. They may be too hard, so rhiba may write her own for the beginners. Wednesday afternoon on either week 7 or 9 (not 8 that's LAN).
  • Talk of another Women in Computing event with Cisco, but also Addy and Eliana, probably in Term 2.
  • rhiba has arranged a meeting with Addy and Eliana to register as a hub for the Google #Code Competition, hubs are needed because it's a large competition.
  • Give the Grad a Go (graduate recruitment company) wants to sponsor us, they wanted between bronze and silver. Will come back with actual requests.
  • Teach kirby to send newsletters.
  • Make a seating plan for the website (David), preferably a week before LAN.
  • Roger came to rhiba to ask that we clean /var/ after gaming. Hopefully automate on logoff, might have to be manually run by Jai / Luke / Sam.
  • Reminder to rhiba to fill money requests forms for pizza and tripods.
  • Shell talk / Linux 101 went great, very good turnout. Advanced Shell Talk in week 9 or week 7, dependent on the programming competition, or week 10.
  • Gaming teardown was surprisingly fine. Officers are free to use discretion for when to tear down.
  • rhiba: Print off cupboard pictures.
  • rhiba: Get gaming cupboard keys cut. LAN cupboard if it's really needed.
  • David: Alias tech-team to techteam
  • rhiba: Check where it says tech-team@uwcs.co.uk
  • David: Add Sam to the exec mailing list (s.coy@warwick.ac.uk).
  • David's aside - Roger came to us and described the LAN cabling is shoddy. Word on the street is they were rescued from a skip. Should probably get new ones. We have a lot of cable so we can use the old reels.
  • rhiba: Email guy back about LAN room.
  • Currently no exam LAN. Consider hosting one in the Oculus?
  • Roger (through the CSC) has come into possession of four large switches. Options are: replace the servers, or use for LANs (they are too big and too heavy). Sort out by week 5.
  • Possibly buy new power supplies for switches.
  • David: Fix password reset on the website

Kirby's Chronicles

  • rhiba: Buy out Yoga Soc for room booking
  • David: Fix the black magic box