Minutes 20-02-2012

Posted on 21st February 2012

h2. Present:

Cranman, TeamDoherty, zed0, MikeCobra, Taby, Goshawk, Moltenfire, James, Ruth, Dirtus, agaeki.

h2. Minutes

h3. Sadiq wasn't there.

- =(

h3. Last minute Barcraft.

-A last minute Barcraft for ASUS ROG has been organized at the Phantom Coach: http://uwcs.co.uk/events/details/1400/
-Other events such as MLG were considered as well, but were discounted due to various scheduling and time zone problems.
-Varsity and the Duck were unavailable on such short notice.

h3. XING

-XING has been resurrected and will take place this Friday.

h3. Gaming

-The consoles for gaming have been ordered.
-We are currently waiting on more emails to decide on the future of the proposed Starcraft tournament.

h3. Handover meal

-Cosmo has been booked and the deposit paid.
-zed0 will need to be repaid personally, or alternatively it was suggested that everyone should just pay him back in drink form.