Minutes - 1st May 2014

Posted on 1st May 2014

Present: Veltas, rayhaan, zed0, metalgabu, hermit, murtag, hir, marmite, ruth, mcnutty, pteri, robot

h1. Academic

-BFL hackiness

h1. Gaming

-LAN rota

h1. Tech

h1. Social

-Crash at LAN
-Pub events on site

h1. Misc

-Regular meeting time

h1. Publicity

-Hermit has thought about a strategy for getting more people aware of the society, will plan further after exams.

h1. Miscellaneous

*ACTION*: veltas to email DCS about clothing order delivery

h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

-LAN rota

h2. veltas

-Budget talk at gaming

h2. rayhaan

-LAN trolley

h2. marmite

h2. robot

-Crash LAN
-Pub events

h2. mcnutty

-Budget talk at gaming

h2. maddy

-get new gaming keys cut

h2. hermit

-BBQ with anime