Minutes 18/1/2011

Posted on 18th January 2011

h2. Present:

Zed0, TeamDoherty, MikeCobra, Taby, EvilGenius666, MrWilson, Sinjo, Cranman, SigmaD, Dirtus, Dangerman.

h2. Minutes:

h3. LAN:

-MrWilson will collect the trolley.
*Action*: MrWilson to buy a new power reel.
-The Minecraft server will be reset during LAN.
-’I heard wiping a server and I thought it was something I should care about.’-Sinjo
-Exec rota for LAN now full.
-Limiting the size of the music server buckets generally worked well.
-’Am I the only one creeped out by having cameras at LAN?’ - Dirtus

h3. Gaming:

-The Common room was left in a mess on Friday.
-An e-mail should be sent out about this.
-Maybe buy a Kinect for the society.
*Action*: Cranman to buy Kinect.
-Dangerman now knows the gaming password.
-The position of Gaming Officer has now been renamed ‘The Agaeki’.

h3. First Aid Training:

-Exec need to sign-up for first aid training on the SU website.
-Zed0 has first aid training.
-We need a new first aid kit.
*Action*: MrWilson to buy a new first aid kit.
-’I’m sorry for dying at gaming.’-MikeCobra

h3. Bloomberg:

-Possible prizes are: Netbook, Kindles, maybe USB sticks as ‘thank you for competing’ prizes.

h3. End of Meeting:

-’Going once, going twice.’-MrWilson
-Dangerman arrives.

h3. Misc:

‘That involves using linux, I won’t do that.’ - TeamDoherty
(Halfway through the meeting) ‘I claim on time.’ -Dirtus
Broadcasting unencrypted data is equivalent to shouting out your bank details.