Minutes 18-06-2012

Posted on 18th June 2012

h2. Present:

MrWilson, zed0, Ruth, Dirtus, James, MikeCobra, Moltenfire, Murtag

h2. Minutes

h3. End of term BBQ

*ACTION*: zed0 to send email.

h3. Sponsorship

-Redgate: Can't have branding on website, could give out stuff at Freshers fair.
-Sky: Asked for price list (menu)
*ACTION*: Ruth to reply to Redgate
*ACTION*: Ruth to create price list and email Sky.

h3. Lans

-Need to book rooms for next years Lans.
-Roughly weeks 3 and 8.
-Book the rooms with 2 hours before and after lan as leeway.
*ACTION*: Goshawk to book rooms.

h3. BFL

-Exec to sign up on the rota.
-MrWilson is going to deploy the new music server.

h3. Starcraft

-Finals to be held at 16:00 on Wednesday.
-Player without computers at Lan can borrow a PC to play games.

h3. Super Smash Bros.

-Interest in setting up another SSB tournament at BFL.
-Don't run on the same day as Starcraft.
*ACTION*: MikeCobra to set up tournament.