Minutes - 17th January 2014

Posted on 17th January 2014

*Present*: veltas, ruth, hir, murtag, zed0, oli, agga

h1. Academic

-ruth: candle's talk to do

h1. Gaming

-murtag: need a new TV for Wii U
*ACTION*: murtag to buy TV online
-murtag: game design pub yesterday suggested competition of making 2-player games and we hold tournament
-Seems legit
-zed0 to fix bot in IRC for warcraft3

h1. Tech

-Mailman replacement should be investigated
-Unused mailman lists should be removed even if mailman isn't being replaced
-More exec need the mailman moderator password
-Should give Rayhaan and David Truby access to add packages to dcs-get as they are fairly active
*ACTION*: zed0 to give access to rayhaan and truby
*ACTION*: agga to give passwords on IRC to murtag, veltas, hir
*ACTION*: agga to ask fyorl about anime's mailman usage re other action

h1. Socials

-Pop happening with animesoc
-agga: circling with animesoc week 4 wed (90s theme)

h1. Misc

*ACTION*: exec to update doodle