Minutes 17/3/2010

Posted on 17th March 2010

h2. Present:

Mulletron, Agaeki, George, Cranman, Zed0, MrWilson, Demo, TeamDoherty, SigmaD

h2. Still in bed:


h2. Minutes:

h3. Actions to be done straight after meeting:

*Action*: Mulletron to explain to Agaeki about aurora.
*Action*: TeamDoherty/Agaeki to get gaming password.

h3. Emails:

-Coventry Uni haven't replied to the e-mail about varsity gaming.
-CompSoc exec gets a lot of spam.
-Spam filters will filter /everything/.
*Action*: Exec to test individual e-mails

h3. Company contacts:

-Waiting on Connor for company contacts

h3. Budget:

-Agaeki should install Open Office so he can look at it.
-If there is ban 80 percent overlap between PS3 and Xbox games, it might be better to buy a Wii.
-George wants arcade controllers for street fighter 4, which cost in the region of £30-100.
-New Rock Band pedals are needed.
-'Use more duct tape'-Mulletron
-At the same density, duct tape is stronger than wood.
-Zed0 wants monopoly.
-'Customise with campus, DCS can be Mayfair.' - Agaeki
*Action*: TeamDoherty to research consoles.

h3. Remaining money needs to be spent, good ideas are:

-Ethernet cables.
-Stackable boxes.
-Backup hardware for the servers.

h3. Not such a great idea:

-6 PS3s to create a supercomputer.

h3. CompSoc library:

-People may read PC gamer or similar.
-'I get my information from the internet.' - MrWilson
-'Buy the internet.' - TeamDoherty
-People seemed lukewarm about the idea of subscriptions.

h3. Events:

-Dirtus is not present
-Football has been booked.

h3. Agaeki's Salsa dancing:

-If we put Agaeki's sister in event title, guaranteed attendance.
'-I like computers and manly things... ...but I wouldn't mind dancing... ...I do like computers as well...' - MrWilson

h3. Clothing:

-Large orders are a pain to organize.
-It would be more efficient for people to buy individual products from the website.
*Action* Find out the costs for above system.

h3. Gaming:

-Fyorl informs us over the phone that the Diablo2 interface is up.
-Rock Band needs more downloadable content.
-'Still alive every 5 minutes you say?' - Zed0
-Only Bucko is allowed to play Touhou, being one of the few people to own original copies of the games.

h3. Admin:

-MrWilson did not go to the president's meeting but went to see James.
-There is some Warwick advantage stuff from James - for exec members mainly.
-Exec handover form has been handed in.

h3. LAN Discussion:

-'Microwave for LAN?' - Zed0
-'No, No, No, No' - Mulletron
-Bringing kettle to LAN is also a bad idea.
-There is a train from Plymouth to Aberdeen, a 10 hour direct line.
-Train LAN is surprisingly feasible.
-'Aside from being insane - quite an interesting idea' - Mulletron

h3. Misc:

-Nobody knew when the exec meeting was, exec meetings need to be better publicised.
-There has to be a 'close' relationship between gaming president and officer.
-MrWilson 'borrows' haribo.
-MrWilson attempts to not choke on haribo.
-MahjongSoc would have weekly meetings in gaming.

h2. Next meeting:

-After the Easter Holiday.