Minutes - 14th November 2013

Posted on 14th November 2013

*Present*: ruth, murtag, veltas, rayhaan, hiren

h1. Academic

-ruth: everyone invite everyone to RedGate talks!

h1. Gaming

-murtag: drumkit arrived, Soul Calibur V being shipped
-murtag: Got a whole bunch of survey responses
*ACTION*: murtag to talk to roger about remote.
*ACTION*: ruth to set up LAN rota.
-murtag to do minecraft stuff for coming LAN probably

h1. Tech

-veltas: maybe make a Tech team again? Seems to be de-facto right now.
-General consensus was it would be easier to keep it informal
-veltas: how did security fixing go?
-Argha: we resolved major security problem with ITS and Latin Ballroom Dancing
-Argha: anime email was a spoof
-The discussion of getting a cluster was reconvened
-Conclusion was that it was a good idea: cluster to be bought and set up
*ACTION*: Argha to arrange meeting with SU about holding the cluster.

h1. Social

-ruth: we should do a secret santa event
*ACTION*: veltas to put that in newsletter.
*ACTION*: ruth to put limit on prices for presents e.g. £5.
*ACTION*: Argha to run circling.
*ACTION*: hir142 to make event for meal.