Minutes 14/5/2010

Posted on 14th May 2010

h2. Present:

MrWilson, TeamDoherty, Connorhd, Sinjo, Cranman, Dirtus, SigmaD, Firefly

h2. Minutes:

h3. Bloomberg:

-One person is needed to do the presentation and another person can assist.
-Takes place on Tuesday 25th May.
-There is no provided transport, we should e-mail Bloomberg asking if the cost of transport can be covered.
-The presentation needs to be about what the society would do, how we would benefit.
-MrWilson will do the presentation.
-The presentation can be written in Google Docs, so all exec can have input.
*Action*: MrWilson to e-mail Bloomberg asking if they can pay for transport.

h3. Games focus testing:

-The original e-mail was received quite a while ago.
-If we are going to do anything, needs to be ASAP.
*Action*: TeamDoherty to send an e-mail to sort this out. (After exec meeting)

h3. Action Follow-up:

-Connorhd has not finished marking the ProgComp.
-Cranman received the e-mail from Azurit and the Xbox 360 hard drive has been ordered by Cranman for gaming.
-MrWilson recalls Azurit saying he was going with Agaeki to buy an Xbox 360 hard drive.
-"BRB" - MrWilson.
-The majority of the exec now attempts to get in touch with Azurit/Agaeki to prevent the hard drive being bought.
-"DOS, DOS." - Sinjo.
-Crisis was averted.

-We now have network cables colour coded by length.
-The stuff for the servers was bought and the servers have been updated.

h3. Game Tournaments:

-"I've had a think about it." - TeamDoherty
-"Great, because that was all you were required to do." - SigmaD
-"Fucking Sorted." - Sinjo
-TeamDoherty is thinking about running tournaments, maybe Pokemon or another SF4 tournament.

h3. Steam:

-Agaeki has not yet managed to get the new steam working under Wine on the DCS machines.

h3. The Cupboard:

-We have new boxes for the cupboard.
-MrWilson's verdict on the boxes: "Really neat."
-Roger has been asked to look for an extra shelf, which we now have room for.

h3. Clothing:

-The current plan is still ordering clothes from the website on an individual basis.
-The main cost is the digitising of the logo (£35), which the society should do.
*Action*: MrWilson to organise the digitising of the logo.

h3. LAN:

-Fyorl needs to speak to Roger about the trolley.
-As Fyorl can't be bothered to revise, it is likely the new music server will be finished for the week 5 LAN.
-In the future, CompSoc should tell Warwick Game Design(and AnimeSoc) when the LANs are at the start of the year to avoid event clashes.

h3. Newsletter:

-Needs to mention LAN sign-ups in week 5 and the BFL.
-Also needs to mention the beast pizza order.

h3. Events:

-"Paint-ball seems to have sorted itself out miraculously"-Dirtus
-Currently, Dirtus plans to have the CompSoc barbecue on the Sunday before BFL and the 'fun thing' on the Saturday.(Possibly Go-carting)
-SigmaD and MrWilson will be having fun in the Combinatorial Optimisation Exam on the Saturday.

h3. Academic Talks:

-Would consist of members of the society doing talks.
-We can e-mail the DCS reception to have the talks advertised in the DCS lobby.
-The society should consider doing revision lectures/revision guides like the Mathematics Society, which are popular.
*Action*: MrWilson to decide if we put on academic talks this term and when.


13:14:29 < Fyorl> oh cocks exec meeting at 2 isn't it?
13:14:33 <@monk> it's at 1
13:14:37 < Fyorl> lol
13:14:40 <@monk> :P
13:14:44 < Fyorl> nevermind then
13:16:22 < Fyorl> at least I can have breakfast now