Minutes 14/1/2011

Posted on 14th January 2011

h2. Present:

SigmaD, starspell, Azurit, TeamDoherty, MrWilson, Cranman, dangerman, Fyorl , Sinjo, Zed0, james

h2. Minutes:

h3. Gaming:

-Dangerman is the new Agaeki.
-The Arora setup is pro, but a complete pain in the arse.
-Fyorl will come to log on computers.
*Action*: dangerman to get gaming password from Roger.
*Action*: Azurit to update Minecraft.

h3. TV:

-We received an e-mail about making a television programme about Computer Programming.
-Maybe mention the Bloomberg ProgComp.
-Should be added to the forum and e-mail them back.

h3. Barclays:

-Can’t have logo on website due to IBM agreement.
-May talk to them about sponsorship for individual events.

h3. Hursley IBM:

-Coach booked.
-MrWilson is taking sign-ups by e-mail. (Currently 7)
-Happens on 26th Jan.

h3. Bloomberg Progcomp:

-Arranged for 12th Feb.
-CS0.01 has been booked.
-Best solution instead of a speed Progcomp.
Possible prizes: Kindle? Netbook? (thank you for competing items?)

h3. Clothing Order:

-Sadiq/Connorhd may know who we usually order from.
-The exec capes should colour coded.
-‘Then I can cycle around and it will be like I’m a rainbow butterfly.’ - MrWilson

h3. LAN:

-Happens next weekend.
-We need to buy a new power cable.
-Humanities students have been eating the power cables.
-’Wouldn’t surprise me.’ - TeamDoherty

h3. Tech:

-There is now a bot in #tech to spam messages about updates on codd.
-Alyn Davies from Mixed hockey sent us an e-mail asking about hosting.
*Action*: Fyorl to reply.

h3. Exec elections:

-Open at LAN. (e-mail manifestos)
-Online/proxy vote?
-May need a website subsection for voting/manifestos.

h3. Misc:

-Mail server: mail comes in, something happens, if we’re lucky, e-mail comes out.
-There was a good month of pictures of your wife e-mails.
-’Apparently, Aber. is now using Agaeki’s mum jokes.’ - Azurit
-‘Albania shouldn’t be a problem now we have k-splice.’-Fyorl
-MrWilson’s monitor has the blue cable.