Minutes 14/10/2010

Posted on 14th October 2010

h2. Present:

SigmaD, MrWilson, Demo, Azurit, dangerman, Cranman, Connorhd, Sinjo, Fyorl, Trip, Dirtus, Kuros

h2. Minutes:

h3. Gaming:

-Agaeki updated the list of games on the website
-Minecraft is working.
-Gaming was slow.
-Due to Backus reboot, the script wasn’t working.
-This will be fixed for gaming this week.

h3. Bloomberg:

-There will be a conference call on Monday 3:30 to discuss academic talk topics and the ProgComp.
-ProgComp would be best on a Saturday in weeks 2-4 term 2
-DCS computers may be ideal. (Bring laptops if you want)
*Action*: MrWilson to speak to Roger.

h3. Room Booking:

-LIB2 has been booked for all LANs. (Warwick Skills Certificate problem solved.)
-Azurit suggests keeping the contact information for skills.
-Engineering have not booked a single hour during the BFL this year.

h3. Academic Talks:

-Sinjo’s talk will be in week 3.
-Advertising: Screens in DCS, e-mails, etc.
*Action*: Sinjo to e-mail details of the talk to MrWilson.
-IBM will do talks on the 27th November and 29th October on Cloud computing and High performance computing.
-There should be food(pizza) available at talks.

h3. Atrium gaming event:

-Ask TeamDoherty about gaming in the Atrium.

h3. Purchases for the year:

-Ksplice - a piece of software to update kernels without downtime. $4 per server per month.
-Maybe get this software for Backus as well as Codd.
-"How does it work?" -Azurit
-"Fucking Hax." -Sinjo

h3. Football:

-2.50 entrance fee to Warwick Sport.
-Alternatively, man up and play outside.

h3. Christmas meal:

-Decided on Wing Wahs Friday week 8.
*Action*: Dirtus to book this.
-Dirtus didn’t go to the meal in his first year because it was on a Wednesday.
-"How does a meal turn into an all weekend event?"
-"You’re not drinking enough."

h3. Misc:

-An appointed position for publicity officer was suggested.
-"Wasn’t there that one guy who did website work?" - Fyorl
-"That could mean they know how to open Frontpage." - Connorhd