Minutes - 13th May 2013

Posted on 13th May 2013

*Present*: zed0, james, argha, olibacon, hir142, dDirtus, ruth, Veltas, Murtag

h1. Academic

-Ruth has found the SIBE hackathon to be completely fair for the programmers involved.
-Code will be used for open source not-for-profit reasons.
-It seems the organisers are hoping a campaign organisation will take it over.

h1. Gaming

h2. Recent LAN

h3. Tournaments

-Murtag felt the tournaments at the recent LAN were reasonable.
-zed0: SC2 tournament could have started earlier.
-zed0: Should utilise a mic or something to control the events so everyone's informed throughout.
-Veltas: Not enough preparation for CS:S tournament, was lots of fun but a little inconclusive.

h3. Bins

-Ruth: We need to maintain the bin throughout the LAN.
-If it's full, take it out. There are bin bags provided.
-dDirtus: Suggests recycling.
-Veltas: Should definitely arrange recycling for BFL, most rubbish in LANs is recyclable.
-It was suggested there was a bucket for left-over drink.
-zed0: Punishment for unplugging LAN is now drinking from the bucket.

h2. Upcoming tournament prizes

-Upcoming tournament prizes were discussed.
-zed0: Not memory sticks, most people don't need or want a 1GB memory stick.
-T-shirts, mugs, mouse mats suggested.
-Shirt sizes are hard to get right.
-Mugs should be exclusive prizes for gaming.
-dDirtus: Foam mug should be exclusive prize for DoTA.
*ACTION*: Murtag to research drum peddles for Guitar Hero etc..
-Considering getting a double bass.

h2. BFL Sponsor

-It has now been repeatedly suggested that BFL should be somehow sponsored.
-There are a few local game companies that should be considered first.

h1. Tech

*ACTION*: Argha to buy new Dijkstra stuff.
*ACTION*: james to do inventory.
-james: Loads of spare HDDs in there.
-Most of Dijkstra is anime music.
-Argha: Server now has SSL certificates now.

h2. Boar website

-The boar would like us to host their website.
-They have said that we may not be able to meet their requirements with our usual service for society websites.
-Conclusion was to ask them specifically what they wanted, we'd likely be able to meet their requirements anyway, or they don't need what they ask for.
*ACTION*: james to reply to their email.

h1. Socials

*ACTION*: olibacon to book football field at the start of June.