Minutes - 12th June 2014

Posted on 12th June 2014

Present: Veltas, marmite, robot

h1. Academic

-Clothing order is done, arrival Wk 8-9, to be collected at gaming

h1. Gaming

-BFL tournament prizes

h1. Tech

h1. Social

-BBQ supplies
-Incident with Phantom Coach owner, will find new pub for monday socials
-Week 10 Farmhouse pub

h1. Publicity

h1. Misc

h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

-BFL tournaments/prizes
-Search possible pubs for monday socials

h2. veltas

h2. rayhaan

h2. marmite

h2. robot

-Collect Gokarting money, pay company by monday
-Charcoal, disposable BBQ, plates, cups, sauces for BBQ
-Book Farmhouse for Wk 10 Pub

h2. mcnutty

h2. maddy

h2. hermit