Minutes - 12th February 2014

Posted on 12th February 2014

*Present*: veltas, murtag, alice, maddy, hir, ruth, rayhaan, zed0, robot, marmite, phil

h1. Academic

-Candle talk

h1. Gaming

-Replacing Gamecube controllers
-Buying new games from survey
-Smash tournament
-Gaming officers
-New gaming events
-Gaming cafe

h1. Tech

-New exec receiving emails for positions

h1. Socials

h1. Misc

-Society record sheet
-Publicity Officer election date/time
-Pub event on website.
-Risk Assessment

h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

h2. murtag

-buy gamecube controllers and surveyed games
-contact gaming cafe, ask prices, invite to exec meeting

h2. agga

-to ask (Fyorl) if anime still use mailman and remove from them if not.

h2. veltas

h2. rayhaan

-Accounce candle talk in CompSci lectures
-add new exec to mailing for their society position

h2. marmite

-book room for Publicity Officer election - wed wk9 1pm
-email society about Smash Tournament

h2. robot

-to book Cosmo for handover meal
-to plan Lego film social
-to put pub on website
-update website contact page

h2. mcnutty

-fill in record sheet

h2. maddy

-get new gaming keys cut
-run democratic dating sim friday?